Thursday, September 11, 2008

dhania chutney and meethi chutney

dhania chutney and meethi chutney can used as accompniments for lots of indian dishes such as dhoklas kachoris pulao/tehri as its called in uttar pradesh dahi bhallas bread rolls bread pakoras pakoras.both the chutneys are very easy to make.
Take a bunch or 100 gms of dhania /fresh coriander leaves.1 big tomato 2 green chillies.put chopped tomato in the bottom of the grinder jar and then add washed corinder leaves and green chillies.add 1 tsp of without adding anymore water grind the mixture into a smooth paste.
100 gms imli
1/2 cup sugar
1tsp salt
1tsp pepper
soak imli in 1 cup water for an hour.take out the thick pulp.add sugar salt and pepper and bring it to boil.if the consistency is thick you can add some more water for desired consistency and bring to a and chutney can be stored for a month in fridge.

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Nidhi said...

I looked at some dhania chutney recipes online and alot of them use onions and lemon juice....I have always loved the dhania chutney the way its made in the pathak household (those yummy dhania-butter sandwiches) but this one was equally nice,,,just a bit crunchy and tangy...